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4 Hubert Street
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Exquisite chocolates, made by hand in small batches, pairing the world's finest couvertures with the best local ingredients

Easter Egg Hunt 2018

Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt 2018

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Easter Egg Hunt 2018


Collect clues and eggs to work your way across Brisbane, solving puzzles and completing challenges, whilst visiting some of the best businesses around! Join us on March 24 from 10:30am-4pm.

You can play as an individual or as a team, with a portion of your entry fee going towards beyondblue

When selecting your quantity below, please note that is is per team entry, NOT per team member! You can have up to 4 people per entry. 

This event is 18+. 


Where does the hunt start from? 
This year the hunt kicks off from our home base, at 4 Hubert St.

What if I get stuck during the hunt?
We'll have a number you can call to get hints to help you on your way.

Can I use my phone and Google throughout the hunt?
Absolutely! Google will definitely be your friend for the clues- we actively encourage it!

Can I use a car during the hunt?
Whilst we won't ban the use of a car, we don't recommend it. On foot, on a bike or using public transport would be best. The course will be at least 5km, but depending how many of the extra point items are completed, it could be up to 9km.

How long do I have to complete the hunt?
The hunt will run from approximately 10:30am-4pm, but you may find you complete it quicker than that! Some stops have a closing time of 4pm, so it needs to be completed before then. 

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