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Giving at Christmas

Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick

Christmas is a time of giving, and at 31 Degrees, we like to give what we can. We’re only small, but we have a big heart!

We like to support local, not just because it sounds good, but because we believe that it makes a difference. We use local cream, local raspberries, local passionfruit, local coffee, local tea, and have a Pantry devoted to other local small producers, and any other products we use, we make sure they have a strong ethical stance, like our chocolate. We love that people support us, so we like to support others in return!

We were lucky to be a sponsor of The Pyjama Foundation’s Chocolate Gala a few weeks back, which empowers children in foster care with learning, life skills and confidence. The Pyjama Angels do amazing work, and we were so thrilled to be able to support them!

There are two organisations we’re currently supporting in store.

You may have seen is our adorable Harold, who’s melted state is indicative of what is happening around the world. Climate change is terrifying, because although we do as much as we can- we recycle, we support local, we limit our food miles as much as possible, there needs to be dramatic policy changes worldwide in order to recover- or at least limit the effects. 

$1 from every sale of Harold goes towards the Climate Council, who provide independent, authoritative climate change information to the Australian public.

For more information, check out the Climate Council website, and for an illustrative view on the dramatic effect humans have had on this planet, take a look at the xkcd Earth Temperature Timeline.


At 31 Degrees, we love love. I (Kaitlyn) was married this year to the wonderful Anthony, my parents celebrated their 35 year anniversary, Nyssa got engaged to the amazing Sam, and Sara celebrated a 10 year anniversary with her fantastic Phil. We think it’s high time everyone, regardless of sexuality or gender, should be able to marry if they so desire- we’re one of over 1100 businesses and organisations that support equality and inclusion for all people. $1 from the sale of each of the specially marked products go towards Australian Marriage Equality, and we will continue to support them until marriage equality exists. Check out their website for more information on what they do, and remember- love is love is love!

Have a wonderful and safe Christmas and holiday season everyone!